Below are links for published University of Uniformed Services of Health Sciences (USU) President’s Policy Memorandums, (USU) Instructions, and (CAHS) Dean’s Policy Memorandums that relate to the procedures and responsibilities of the University Of Uniformed Services Of Health Science and the College of Allied Health Sciences.

Along with the links below, there are other policies on the webpages which belong to the Office of Primary Responsibility or for the topic.

Presidents Policy Memorandums

PPM-008-Establishment of New Academic Programs (2019)

USU Instructions

USU Instruction 1100 (Promotion and Tenure)

USU Instruction 1100C

Dean Policy Memorandums

CAHS-DPM-005 Credit by Examination Policy (Rev April 2018)

CAHS-DPM-008 Credit in Residence Policy (2022)

CAHS-DPM-001 Curriculum Committee (2021)

CAHS-DPM-006 Distributed Learning (2022)

CAHS-DPM-002 General Education Requirements (2022)

CAHS-DPM-003 Grading and Examination (2022)

CAHS-DPM-001 Graduation Policy (2019)

CAHS-DPM-005 Grievance Procedure (2022)

CAHS-DPM-004 Independent Study (2022)

CAHS-DPM-007 Objective-based Competence Assessment (2022)

CAHS-DPM-001 Transfer Credit (2022)