faculty Careers


Qualified faculty members are assigned to instructional duties in educational programs using our faculty appointment processes, in concert with the respective program’s leadership. Such assignment must also be consistent with, and is subject to the scrutiny of, the relevant programmatic and institutional accreditation standards and practices. Our faculty are responsible for oversight of the instructional practices within our programs. Only full-time faculty are assigned to positions within our programs of instruction. Appointments may be tenured or non-tenured. Active duty faculty CANNOT hold a tenured position.

We have four ascending faculty ranks as designated by title: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Faculty are appointed in, and promoted to, the various ranks based upon the judgment of their peers and the concurrence of the CAHS and University Administration under guidance, standards, and procedures outlined in USU Instruction 1100C.

Faculty appointments are governed by the college following USU Instruction 1100C, Committee on Appointments and Promotion of Faculty (CAP). Instruction 1100C and CAHS policy is comprehensive, and contains all of the policies, criteria, and instructions for appointment and promotion.

Documents required when individuals are nominated to be appointed as CAHS faculty:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Statement/Report of Scholarly Activities
  • USU Form 107C, Request for Civilian or Military Faculty Action
  • Sponsor Letter of Recommendation
  • Parent Command/Organization Approval Letter
  • Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) Completed Actions Memorandum
  • Memorandum for Board of Regents
  • CAHS Dean Faculty Appointment Letter



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